Natrona County

Tourism Impacts

Tourism is Wyoming’s second largest industry, and in the Casper area alone, equates to more than $331 million in economic impact for our local economy. Travel to the Casper area is a force driving our community forward and its ripple effect can be felt across nearly every business and industry. 

Quick travel and tourism facts for Casper and Natrona County:

  • Natrona County welcomed 961,000 overnight visitors in 2019 (an increase of 108,500 visitors from 2018)
  • Travelers contributed $7.3 million in sales tax (9 percent of all sales tax collections)  
  • Without travel and tourism, the average household in Natrona County would pay $508 more in taxes for existing government services
  • The industry supports 2,670 jobs (4.7 percent of Natrona County’s private industry employment)
  • Without the jobs generated by the travel industry, the 2018 Natrona County unemployment rate of 4.6 percent would have been 9.3 percent  


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