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Shop Local & Find Gifts in Casper, Wyoming

One of the best parts about shopping in Casper is our well-rounded collection of stores, ranging from made-in-Wyoming wares and local shops to Western boutiques and big box stores. No matter what you’re in search of - whether it’s a perfectly shaped cowboy hat or a new camera - we have you covered.

Popular shopping destinations include Eastridge Mall, Sunrise Shopping Center (a great mix of shopping and dining), Hilltop Shopping Center (home to music stores, thrifting and more), Blackmore Marketplace (the city’s newest shopping hub) and, of course, downtown Casper. 

Women walking in downtown, laughing and browsing gifts while shopping in Casper, WY.

Looking for that special gift or unique item? With its blooming streets and locally owned shops, downtown is one of the most diverse, charming places to shop in Casper. Throughout the downtown corridor, you’ll find stores that specialize in sporting goods, outdoor apparel, jewelry, Western clothing, made-in-Wyoming shirts and hats, artwork, candy and more.

No matter if you’re window shopping or looking to pick up that perfect Wyoming souvenir, you’re bound to find it in downtown Casper.

Places to Shop in Casper, WY

A table comparing the best places to shop in Casper, WY.


With a place to shop to suit every interest, here are the best places to shop in Casper, from malls to downtown.

  • Eastridge Mall: Big Box Stores & Restaurants Sunrise
  • Shopping Center: Local Stores, Boutiques, Restaurants, and Western Gifts.
  • Hilltop Shopping Center: Big Box Stores & Restaurants
  • Blackmore Shopping Center: Craft Stores & Restaurants
  • Downtown Casper: Local Stores, Boutiques Craft Stores, Restaurants, and Western Gifts


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