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With a mix of public and private waterways, Casper has grown into one of the best fishing destinations in the world. Named the #1 Big Fish Destinations by American Angler Magazine, Casper and Natrona County have plenty of locations to cast a fishing line, from the North Platte River to Fremont Canyon and Alcova and Pathfinder reservoirs. With anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 fish per mile and a river that’s fishable year-round, it’s no surprise the North Platte is a bucket-list destination for novice and experienced fly-fishing enthusiasts. The river sits below five reservoirs with each playing a role in providing today’s consistent water flows and temperatures - making the river a stable fishing habitat no matter the season.  

Throughout the North Platte River, you’ll also find sections that have their own nicknames, like Grey Reef. Located about 25 minutes southwest of Casper, Grey Reef has some of the most incredible fly-fishing in the country. Located farther outside of town is the Miracle Mile, which is a stretch of the North Platte River that’s earned a reputation for its isolated location, hearty trout and every-changing conditions. The Mile also makes it onto many a fisherman's bucket lists, and rightly so. 

Perhaps the best news about Casper’s fishing is that you don’t have to venture out of town to experience it. The North Platte River flows through the heart of the city and puts blue-ribbon fishing within easy reach of all travelers. Rounding out Casper’s fishing offerings are experienced outfitters and guides - with the best fishing guides in Wyoming calling Casper home. 

When fishing in Wyoming, be sure you’re familiar with water rights. The North Platte River flows through public and private lands (with plentiful public-access points), but it’s important to note that in Wyoming the bottom of the riverbed is owned by the landowner. If you’re floating through a mix of public and private land, be sure you know the rules and regulations and that you’re only wading and anchoring on public stretches of the river. An added bonus: this law helps protect spawning areas for fish and ensures a healthy habitat for the North Platte River for years to come. 

And while the North Platte River is one of the main attractions when it comes to fishing, there are plenty of other places to fish, including Fremont Canyon, Pathfinder Reservoir and Alcova Reservoir.

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