5150′ Local

Casper. The Oil City. Land that we love.

Sometimes, Casper gets a bad rap. It’s windy. Winters are cold. We’re in the middle of freakin’ no where. But there’s a reason we put up with this sh*t. We could leave, point our truck toward the Colorado state line and never look back. But we never would. (Can you even imagine…) Casper locals are a rough, tough and gritty bunch. We are proud of the Oil City.

We believe that Casper is the best of the West. We are obsessed with the true city that sits at 5150′ that locals know. We secretly love that we get in traffic jams caused by turkeys, that we can’t keep the deer out of our yards and that first weekend of each summer that we can roll the windows down makes the long winter worth it (even if it doesn’t come until June). We know it can be windy, cold and in the middle of nowhere… and that’s just where we like it.

We’re here to connect with our fellow Casper-ites. Join us in celebrating the Oil City: all of our quirks, wide-open spaces, makers and creators, locals, might-as-well-be-locals and our stories that make Casper a damn good place to call home.