When Casper Mountain’s epic mountain biking trails get covered in snow for the winter, it’s not the end of biking season in central Wyoming. In fact, it's just the beginning! Fat bikes are similar to mountain bikes, but their oversized tires allow the rider to glide through softer terrain such as freshly fallen powder. With already existing and easy to access bike trails, Casper is naturally among the region’s top destinations for this growing sport. A great place to start for most non-motorized winter sports is Casper Mountain Trails Center. The Trails Center serves as a trailhead for many of Casper’s best Nordic, snowshoe and fat bike trails.  

A local favorite for fat biking is Eadsville Trail, which is accessible from the Skunk Hollow parking lot near the Casper Mountain Trails Center. Eadsville features some of the best winter riding in the area. It is groomed, marked, well-maintained and ideal for both experts and beginners. Experienced riders will appreciate the natural jumps and tight corners while beginners can build confidence on the wide main roads near the trail head. 

Get started by getting your trail pass. And if you aren’t traveling with your gear, don’t worry about hauling it along.

Winter Activities