Our Team

Terri Weinhandl

Executive Assistant

Meet Terri, our fearless Executive Assistant on the Visit Casper team. As a transplant from Northern Minnesota, Terri's "Minnesota nice", love for rural areas and passion for community all assisted her well when her and her husband moved to the Oil City to start a life and a family together. Fast forward thirty years, two daughters and two spunky grandkids, and she can't imagine calling any other place home. In her new role she is looking forward to staying in the know on all things Casper and shedding a positive light on not only our office, but the community as a whole. When Terri is not keeping the Visit Casper team at our best, you can find her walking alongside the North Platte River on a beautiful afternoon and chasing her busy grandkids around town.

Luke Gilliam

Business Development Manager

Luke is a Texas native and moved to Casper in the Fall of 2015. Luke's love of this city comes from the community's pride in their history and excitement about their future. As the Business Development Manager, his favorite part of his job is having the opportunity to sell everything that Casper has to offer and representing the community and its business owners at conferences and sales meetings around the nation. Luke's "go-to" tourist attraction is Hogadon Basin Ski Area, as it's not only an incredible space for outdoor adventure, but it also has one of the best views of Casper and is a great place to catch a sunset. Outside of the office, Luke can often be found snowshoeing or hiking Casper Mountain with his wife and dog.

Amanda Scherlin

Director Of Marketing

Allow us to introduce you to Amanda Scherlin. Born and raised in Casper, the local community has always been close to her heart. However, it’s within the intentional growth of this vibrant city that makes her most proud to be a native. As the Director of Marketing at Visit Casper, Amanda believes that our mountain town is an untapped destination just waiting to be discovered. As she advances in her career, she looks forward to continuing to peel back the layers of this place and shining a light on the people, businesses and unique culture that make Casper feel like home. Out of office you can find Amanda hiking Casper Mountain with her husband and twin boys, sneaking in a lunch date at Grant St. Grocery or crafting the perfect charcuterie board at home on a Friday night with friends.

Chelsea Combe

Marketing Specialist

As a proud native, Chelsea has always found beauty and opportunity within the town of Casper. From attending the University of Wyoming (Powder River, Let ‘er Buck!) to pursuing a professional career in Denver for five years, she has gained a diverse collection of experiences in many places. However, it didn’t take long for her to be beckoned back home. As the Marketing Specialist at Visit Casper, Chelsea is looking forward to utilizing her fresh perspective on her hometown to craft authentic, beautifully curated marketing content to elevate our visitor’s experiences while simultaneously advocating for locals and sharing their stories. Out of the office, you can find Chelsea reveling in the downtown boutiques, strolling the Casper Art Walk or catching a mountain bike ride with her girlfriends on Casper Mountain.

Amanda Sewell

Destinations Experience Coordinator

Amanda has always found this place to be mighty. As a local with strong roots in Casper, she has loved watching the community bloom into a bustling city full of character and opportunity without ever losing that small town, Wyoming feel. Although there are so many things to be proud of, Amanda's favorite thing to revel in is Casper's kindness and welcoming nature. She believes that Casper, and the people that call it home, have a way of leaving a lasting impression. As the Destination Experience Coordinator at Visit Casper, she is eager to breathe new life into not only the local community, but into the industry as a whole. In our office you can find Amanda sharing her best kept mountain hideaways and setting beauty trends.

Angie Volzke

Creative Coordinator

Meet Angie – Visit Casper’s Creative Coordinator. Recently beckoned to Casper from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Angie is looking forward to reveling in her new Wyhoming lifestyle. From the rich art scene to the vibrant downtown, Angie is eager to derive inspiration from local creatives and the culture of the community. When she is not designing up our next project, you can find her hunting down the city’s murals, soaking in the beauty of our backyard or indulging in a Grant Street Saturday donut or two with her husband.

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