Ford Wyoming Center

The Ford Wyoming Center a beautiful, state-of-the-art complex built high on a hill overlooking the city of Casper. The Ford Wyoming Center lends new meaning to the term “versatile.” Rough-and-tumble professional rodeo, Broadway in Casper, major musical and performance acts — these are just a few of the many events found at this conveniently located and accessible venue. The shape of the arena is basically that of a horseshoe, with retractable seating to allow great flat floor space for the main event including trade shows, expos, banquets and more. The Ford Wyoming Center also has breakout rooms and staging areas to accommodate large events needing even more space or smaller events wanting to take in the best view in town from the building’s meeting rooms. 

Arena Dimensions 

  • 235 feet in length
  • 120 feet in width (with seats retracted)
  • 86.7 feet in height
  • The trusses span a total of 294 feet to produce a column free arena and spectator space with 57.5 feet being the lowest point above the main floor.

Arena Seating Capacity

  • 4,060 seats for half-house
  • 2,280 seats for theater (full proscenium stage)
  • 7,600 seats for ice shows
  • 6,850 seats for basketball
  • 7,240 seats for rodeo
  • 8,050 seats for full-house concerts
  • 5,940 seats for motor sports

    *Seating numbers are general estimates subject to individual event set-up requirements

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