Things To Do In Casper This Spring

As winter melts away and spring sweeps through Wyoming, Casper comes alive with a vibrant array of events and activities. From stirring theater performances and delicious dining adventures to pulse-pounding sporting events and outdoor activities, there's no shortage of opportunities to embrace the energy of spring in Casper. If you’re looking for something to do this spring and want to get out and get involved, then look no further than our Spring 2024 “Can’t Miss Events” Guide!

"Glass Menagerie" Stage III Community Theater

Spring Performances in Full Bloom

Get ready to immerse yourself in captivating storytelling and unforgettable moments, as Casper’s performers and venues have put together a lineup of shows to entertain and inspire viewers of all ages.

If you’re interested in drama, then look no further than Stage III’s rendition of Tennessee Williams’ “Glass Menagerie” (showing March 8th-24th). If you want to take your family and friends out for a night of fun, check out “Shrek the Musical”, hosted by the Ford Wyoming Center on March 12th. Or, if you want to escape into an upside-down new world of fantasy, then make sure to mark your calendars for May 3rd as Fantastique shares their unique rendition of “Alice in Wonderland” at Natrona County High School!

Looking for a lively beat to put more of a 'spring in your step'? Then you won’t want to miss the second annual Piggy Palooza (April 6th-7th) hosted by Bourgeois Pig, the many Artcore performances running all spring long, and Breaking Benjamin's Concert performance at the Ford Wyoming Center on April 20th. 

Make sure to get your tickets early so you can experience the captivating performances awaiting you in Casper this spring!

In Casper, there are many unique and lively places to grab a cocktail, craft beer, or glass of wine.

Savor the Flavor with Casper's Culinary Crawls

In Casper, spring isn’t just about the changing of the seasons — it’s also a time to get out and indulge in the delights of the local culinary scene; and in 2024, there’s a buffet of fresh opportunities for all the connoisseurs out there.

Kicking off this list is The Shamrock Shuffle Pub Crawl beginning on March 12th, followed by Casper’s Saint Patrick's Day Pub Crawl on March 16th, and Casper’s Tacos & Tequila Bar Crawl on May 4th!

Whether you're looking for your next culinary adventure or you’re simply craving something new, Casper's “crawl” events promise to satisfy your cravings.

Wild Grove Casper, WY

Spring Shopping, Shows, and Exhibitions

We all know that “Spring Cleaning” is just ‘part and parcel’ of welcoming the new season, but ‘all work and no play’ just isn’t Casper’s way. From arms shows to Holistic Fairs and Monster Trucks, Casper covers it all! So, if you’re in the mood to get out, get inspired and get shopping, make sure to check out these Casper Spring shows and exhibitions:

March 15th-17th: Up in Arms Gun Show at the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo Fairgrounds

March 16th: Cowboy State Spring Expo at the Casper Eastridge Mall

March 23rd-24th: Casper Holistic Fair at the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo Fairgrounds

April 5th: Toughest Monster Truck Tour at the Ford Wyoming Center

May 10th-12th: Casper Spring Home Show at the Casper Eastridge Mall

May 10th-12th: Casper Arms Show at the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo Fairgrounds

May 18th: Spring Funky Junk 2024 at 6th and Durbin

NJCAA - Promo

Get your Game on with Casper’s Sporting Events and Competitions

Now, even though winter weather can sometimes make an appearance during the spring months, Casper knows how to turn up the heat with our high-energy sporting events, competitions, and activities!

Casper is proud to host teams from all over the nation as they compete to win, and here are three big competitions you won’t want to miss: the NJCAA D1 Women’s Basketball Championships from March 26th-April 1st at the Ford Wyoming Center, the Casper College Rodeo Cervi Championships on April 13th at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds, and WHSAA State Track and Field from May 16th-18th at Kelly Walsh High School. 

Grab your friends, bring your family, and get in on the action!

So, as Casper welcomes a vibrant lineup of art, theater, ‘crawling’ adventures, music, shopping, and sporting events, you’ll find no shortage of new delights to indulge in this spring. Find inspiration, get in on the action, mark your calendars for these Casper can’t-miss spring events, and stay up to date with all local events by checking out our full community events calendar!