As much as we love summertime and sunshine here in the heart of Wyoming, there is no denying that autumn holds a very special place in our hearts. From the hues that brighten up the mountainsides to the brisk afternoons that make for epic adventures, fall in Casper may be fleeting, yet it is magical. 

Whether you are coming to Wyoming to escape the crowds and soak in our western landscapes or you're on the hunt for some fall family fun around town, we've got just the thing to put you in the spirit. 

Follow along with us as we take you to our favorite fall places, adventures and events. Here are the best ways to enjoy fall in Casper

Creek Running Through Fremont Canyon in Casper, WY

Explore Fremont Canyon
Allow us to introduce you to Central Wyoming's best-kept hidden gem - Fremont Canyon. Only a short drive from town, let scenic, country roads lead you through Pathfinder Dam and to the sweeping canyon. Here, red and burnt orange rock walls meet the flowing North Platte River below - creating the perfect backdrop for any visitor or outdoor enthusiast's fall adventure. Accessible from Alcova and Pathfinder reservoirs, Fremont Canyon is a popular sightseeing, fishing, boating and kayaking destination. It was also named the best rock climbing area in the Rockies by Outdoor Elevation Magazine. For stand up paddleboard, kayak or other equipment rentals, check out our local recommendations here


Winding Road Through Casper Mountain During Fall

Chase Down the Autumn Hues and Endless Views on Casper Mountain
One of the best times to explore Casper Mountain is during autumn. With cooler temperatures and bright fall colors peeping through the pines, fall is the perfect time to get outside in the heart of Wyoming. Better yet, you don't even have to get out of the car to experience the magic of the season on Casper Mountain and the city below. Drive slow up Casper Mountain Road and get lost for a while. Plan to stop and soak in Lookout Point on your way back down, where you can take in a true, Wyoming sunset. Stick around as the sun sets below the horizon, where the high desert meets the Rocky Mountains, as Lookout Point creates an incredible view at night with the city aglow in lights. An old legend holds that the city was designed to resemble Wyoming’s iconic bucking horse logo. Although Casper has long since outgrown the silhouette of earlier days, the nostalgia lives on and makes for a bucket-list destination.


Dried Cornmaze at Green Acres in Casper, WY

Get Festive at Green Acres Corn Maze
Celebrate the season with a custom, hay bale maze, a petting farm, pumpkin cart rides, a corn pit and more. Spending the day at Green Acres with your crew is truly the ideal way to soak up a perfect autumn setting and have a quintessential fall experience. A dream come true for making memories with your kiddos or elevating your next date idea. For 2023, they are open until October 31. 


Friends On a Boat Fishing at North Platte Reeling in a Big Catch

Catch a Trophy Trout on Our World-Class Waters

According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, not only does the fall season turn the North Platte River into an autumn wonderland, it also brings some of the best fishing opportunities. The cooler water temperatures means an increase in trout activity, especially near the shores of our reservoirs. Fishing statistics throughout the fall also shows higher catch rates at Pathfinder and Alcova reservoirs, which means the odds are in your favor to catch that trophy trout that you've been dreaming about all year long. 


Friends Mountain Biking Through Casper Forest

Take it to the Trails 

There is no better time to explore our trails than in the fall. There is just something about the crisp mountain air and the change of seasons that beckons adventure junkies to get out and explore. Autumn in Central Wyoming is a dream for those looking to stay awhile and maybe even get a little lost for an hour or two. Hike the Bridle Trail, lead the family to wonder at Garden Creek Falls at Rotary Park or load up your bike and take the Casper Mountain Trails head on. Insider tip: let Eadsville Trail wind you below towering pines and bright aspens and across diverse, technical dirt pathways to the scenic overlook where you are bound to experience one of the best views of Casper Mountain in the fall. 


Falling for Casper yet? If so, we promise this is only the beginning. For upcoming events and fall happening, view our events calendar here