Why is it that as soon as March rolls around, we as locals wish away spring and go all in on getting ready for summer? Well in full transparency, we put up with a lot in the winter and we fully deserve a little sunshine by this time. However, this year we want to change that here in the 5150' and make sure we're making the most of the remaining days of winter. 

Here's the truth: winter in Casper is divine. There's something about watching the snow fall on downtown, heading out for a day of winter play and bundling up to stay warm. There is so much adventure and backyard wonders to be discovered around Casper, which is why we put together an epic list of Things to Do in Casper Before the Snow Melts. Our best advice: take advantage of right now, be present and cross of your must-do activities off the list before it's too late, locals! Get inspired and plan it out right here with us...

Rotary Park overlook Casper, Wyoming winter

Photo: @b.tormanen

1. Hike it on Back to Garden Creek Falls

If you've been itching for a new adventure in a familiar place, look no further than Garden Creek Falls at Rotary Park on Casper Mountain. (Fun fact: Garden Creek Falls was recently included in a piece on Fodor's Travel.) Although this is a favorite local hideout in the summer, winter exploration to our beloved waterfall is underrated. From epic views dolled up in a fresh blanket of snow to an accessible trail great for all, we believe Garden Creek Falls should be experienced by every Casperite during every season, but especially winter. Before heading up, be sure to check the weather, pack lots of layers and bring some snacks. Oh and don't forget your camera...trust us on this one. Plus, you can even snag a new photo for Instagram! 

Night Snowboarding at Hogadon Basin Ski Area

Photo: @cpardee22

2. Night Ski or Board at Hogadon Basin Ski Area

Alright adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers, this one's for you. If you haven't been up to night ski or board at Hogadon Basin Ski Area yet, then move this one up to the top of your winter bucket list! We kid you not, this experience is sure to transport you out of Casper and to a mountain wonderland. Hit the slopes with Hogadon Friday and Saturday evenings before the snow melts and you have to wait until next December. We promise the views and memories will be worth it!

Snow angels on Casper Mountain

Photo: @sarae_v

3. Sled it Out 

If you don't already have the skinny on the coolest things to do before the snow melts in our mountain town, just ask the 5150' kiddos about Sled Hill on Casper Mountain. If you're new to Casper...this is a must for the whole family every season. Sled Hill is where sledding kings, queens, princes and princesses go to claim their crowns. Not only is their lots of fun and laughs involved, but it also comes with bragging rights. Bundle up, grab your sleds and get ready for the ride of your life. 

NIC Art Museum Discovery Center

Photo: The NIC

4. Tour Casper's Indoor Gems

While spring snowstorms roll in and temperatures continue to drop, there is no better time to experience Casper's indoor gems. From a collection of award-winning museums to restaurants, local shops, breweries and more, the 5150' boasts unmatched indoor fun! We recommend getting together with your crew and coming up with a must-see list before the trees bloom and summer comes to town. Because let's face it...once the sun is shining the last thing us locals will want to be is inside. 

P.S. Don't forget that The NIC's Discovery Center is great for kids of all ages.  

Casper Mountain Winter

5. Soak in Snowy Views

We don't always slow down long enough to see it, but Casper is stunning covered in a layer of fresh snow. And, to be quite honest, the beauty of our backyard in the winter deserves more of our attention. If you do one thing before the snow melts, get out and appreciate the scenery. Take an afternoon drive up Casper Mountain, walk along the river on the Platte River Trails or admire the view from the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center or Gruner Brothers. Wherever you get your fix, take it all in. It's moments like this that make life grand. 


There you have it! Now throw out your winter woes and go out there and make something of the last of the winter season. Don't forget to share your adventures with us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok @5150local.