David Street Station Casper WY

Sweet summertime - Oh, how we have missed you!

We all know, that really... 5150’ locals live here for the summer months. Can we get an amen?

The wind slows down, the events ramp up, and Life. Is. GOOD.

After what seemed like an unusually long winter, we are itching to be out and about in the sunshine with our fellow Wyomingites, enjoying our favorite local summertime pursuits. So much so that we gathered a list of the new and classic noteworthy things we can’t wait to do this year. 

So, here we go! Join us in braggin’ on the top 17 summertime traditions WE locals LOVE to love. Ready to bask in the anticipation of a 5150’ summer with us? Let’s do this.

5150' Fest in Casper, Wyoming

1. 5150’ Fest 

Does this town know how to get down or does this town know how to get down? Let’s face it... when it comes to hitting the streets and reveling local, no one does it better. We can’t wait to celebrate all things Casper with you at 5150’ Festival!


2. Split Rock Selfies

To prove: 1. That Wyoming is real and 2. Our people have always been about forging our own paths. 


3. Namaste in the Wild 

Pfft, a Yogi retreat in Colorado? Namaste right here (here as in Beer Yoga at Mountain HopsBlack Tooth Brewery, and Yoga on the Labyrinth and Mountain all summer long). 


4. Beartrap Festival

Beartrap. Live music at a mountain meadow doesn't get much better than this. Be there in August at Washington Park for a music festival that has stayed true to the locals since day one.


Frontier Brewing Company at Beerfest

5. Sippin’ on Brews in the 5150’ All Summer Long

Local beer is even better under a 5150’ summer sun! With 8 local breweries that discover and a unique atmosphere at each, the Casper Ale Trail is the perfect excuse for you to get out and try them all.


6. Floating the North Platte River

Grab your tubes and your coolers and escape to that place where tourists wouldn’t dare find us… and when you go out on the town after you get off the river, rock your sunburn with pride.


7. Rock the Block & Casper Art Walk

No FOMO for us–5150’ locals know how to turn downtown into a party. With that, you better believe we will be there EVERY SINGLE Wednesday at Rock the Block at Yellowstone Garage and the first Thursday of every month at the Casper Art Walk throughout the summer. 


8. Catching that Trophy Trout the Greenie Just Missed. 

Need we say more? 


9. Mountain Biking Eadsville Trail

Pedaling through mountain views, wildflowers, and green meadows? Don’t mind if we do.


10. Watching a Family Movie on the Grass

Lookin’ at you, David Street Station


11. Winning the Title “King/Queen of Cornhole” at Gaslight Social 

Corny? Well, of course. Super fun? You better believe it. 


12. Playing Groupie With All of Our Favorite 5150’ Musicians

David Street Station, Frontier, Gaslight, Black ToothGruner Brothers… consider us forever fans.  


13. Making a Splash All Over the 5150’

Surf’s up at Amoco White Water Park, dudes. Or, bring the littles to the David Street Station splash pad for a summer activity that’s equal parts cute and refreshing. 


14. Backyard BBQ’s with Mountain Views 

We'd fight anyone if they don't agree that Brattis & Frank's Butcher Shop have THE BEST meat for your summer cookouts. Go there. Do it. Do it now.


15. Chamber of Commerce Balloon Roundup

Turn your eyes to the Western skies in July as Casper's iconic hot air balloon event returns to the Oil City! 

Group of Friends in Casper, Wyoming

Photo: @sarah_carper // Instagram

16. Summer Concert Series at The Bloomery 

One of the most magical places around, summer nights were made for live music at The Bloomery. Be sure to check out their new summer concert series, with events taking place in August and September. 


17. Spending More Time Creating 5150’ Memories

In everything, we’re towing our family and friends along with us with full intentions of making new ones along the way. Because after all, if there’s anything that makes summer special in the 5150’, it’s that we all get to be together. 


Sigh…we can taste the sweetness of summertime already. What’s on your 5150’ summer list that we didn’t think of?