They say that the days are long but the years go by fast. And, after this year in Casper, we couldn't agree more. 

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. What's even crazier to think about is where we all were this time last year... Without rewinding to the past, we will just say that it is quite amazing what a year can do. 

Our hearts are full with the thought of gathering with loved ones for the holidays this season. Long embraces, shared conversation and evening outings to make even the smallest memories with the people that matter most. The truth is all the life worth living is and has always been right here in our mountain town with you. And as we head into the holidays we want to revel in the simple joys that the 5150' community provides us.

So what are you waiting for? Slow down, soak it in and join us in sharing the reasons why we're thankful for the Casper community:

Christmas Parade Casper, WY

1. We throw a damn good party

Whether it's merry and bright or we're cracking a Coors with friends in the sunshine, we sure know how to get down in this town. But really, has anyone else noticed how strangely good we are at kicking up our boots? From bundling up and gathering downtown together to watch the community tree light up every holiday season to backyard barbeques, tailgates, rodeos, swing dancing in the masses and more - when it comes to celebrating, we always understand the assignment. 


2. Our community is engaged

Here in the 5150' we are many things: welcoming, kind, spirited, creative, tough, bold and daring. But our favorite is engaged. Here in Casper we are engaged, and it shows. We ride for the brand and stand proudly in our Wyoming ways. Yet, as locals, we are always looking for opportunities to do better. Not only do we encourage one another, but we hold each other accountable. And, in our opinion, it doesn’t get much more beautiful than that. 


Lucia Vigneri Mural

Photo: @art321wy @lucia.vigneri

3. Small town roots meet a big city feel

It’s no surprise that Casper has grown a lot in the last year. From businesses and sub-divisions to welcoming in new residents from far places, our mountain town has taken on a lot of growth this year. But the best part is no matter how much we expand, we will never be like any other metropolitan city in the U.S. And you know why? Because country roots run deep. If you can't tell by our scuffed-up boots and love for wide-open-spaces, we hold on tightly to our traditions here. Yet, combine our Wyoming way with the arts, a lively craft scene and events to brag about, and you’ve got a contagious culture that feels just like home.

4. Locals show up for one another

Name a more supportive crew… we’ll wait. From supporting local businesses to trophy trout selfies and digging each other out of three feet of snow this spring (that was wild!), when you’re one of us, you’re forever one of us. 

Branding Iron Casper, WY

Photo: @hey_ciara

5. We never go hungry

Ya keep us well fed, 5150’. It’s about as simple as that! Whether it’s the endless food festivals and local eateries that deserves a cult following or our always room for more dinner table habits, we seem to have nothing but full stomachs and happy hearts here.

6. The beauty of the wild is in our backyard

But seriously? How many turkeys have you made friends with this season? All jokes aside, your undenying, raw beauty never goes unnoticed Wyoming, and we are sure proud to call you ours.  


garden creek road casper wyoming

Photo: @chelseacombecreative

7. The 5150' never fails to give us something more to believe in

From the powerful storms and lingering sunsets to the way this valley brings us back to what matters when we need it most, there is something magical about Casper that always gives us something more to believe in. And with that, there is no place we would rather be. Ever.


Here's our reasons. What's yours? Tell us, why are you grateful for the 5150' community this season? Comment below, shoot us a message on Facebook or Instagram or tag us in a post @5150local