Dear Moms of 5150’,

Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 14th) is a mere few weeks away, and, with that, a huge shout-out to all of the incredible mothers in Casper is long overdue.

Now that happy spring days are here, play dates are a thing again, wearing actual clothes feels like an awesome idea, and we’re all ready to get dolled up and go out into our beautiful city to do all the fun things! We believe there is no better time than now to show you just how much you are valued.

5150’ locals know that our city has so many wonderful options to enjoy yourself in whatever ways you fancy, whether it’s grabbing your favorite coffee or a sweet treat, escaping the house to take a long walk in the sunshine, getting pampered, or browsing the boutiques. Or hey, maybe even a wine date–at noon? Why not… it's time to celebrate the end of winter!

While we could give moms suggestions all day long on how to treat yourself, because Casper really does have that much to offer, we really wanted to go the extra mile to help show you (and your friends who are moms) that you’re loved. 

To celebrate, we’re opening the honoring up to the 5150’ community by letting you nominate one lucky winner of a Mother’s Day prize (on us) who best answers this question:

“Mother of the year award goes to ______ for_______.”

How does it work? Just hop on Facebook or Instagram, create a post, fill in the blanks to nominate one of your favorite moms in the community to win (make sure your post is public so we can see it!) and tag us. And no, it doesn’t have to be your own mother...don’t worry, the guilt won’t last long we promise. Nominate a friend, a neighbor, or that sweet old lady down the street who opens her heart to not only her family, but her community day after day!

Whether you win this particular contest or not, you’re winning at being a mom every single day. Know that we see you. We see all the good that you bring to this community. Mother’s Day is your day, so we encourage you to make the most of it. 

Let this be your reminder to share a smile, a love letter or a shared cocktail or two with a 5150’ mom this year. Whatever you do, however you spend your time, and whomever you choose to spend it with, make it memorable and make it yours.

Because you (and they) deserve it.

P.S. Thursday, May 11th is the last day to post your nominations. Our winner will be announced Sunday morning, May 14th. Stay tuned and follow along with us as we highlight amazing 5150' moms on our social media channels!