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Stahoo's Brewery and Taproom


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“Stahoo” is a Polish nickname for Stanley and it honors Jim’s Grandpa who was born to Polish immigrants in Saginaw, Michigan. Local neighborhood breweries and distilleries sprung up to quench the thirst of men working in the heat of massive factories. When prohibition came, Stahoo and his brothers built a moonshine still (Jim remembers pieces of it hidden in his Grandpa's barn). Stahoo’s Brewery and Taproom is fueled by the encouragement of our family and friends. It is the result of years of brewing small batch beers, careful planning, prayer, and the desire to be part of Casper’s growing craft beer community. We name our beers after family, friends, places, and events – often it is tongue in cheek with a humorous twist. We invite you to try our beers and to learn what makes them unique. We look forward to serving you soon!


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