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Sell your camera gear at Wyoming Camera Outfitters

  • Dates: 8/25/2022, 8/26/2022, 8/27/2022
  • Location: Wyoming Camera Outfitters
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


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Join KEH at Wyoming Camera Outfitters - Casper, WY and sell your gear!
This event is accepting appointments as well as walk-ins, please call (770) 584-1600 to schedule your appointment. For health and safety reasons, attendees are encouraged to join us in wearing masks and gloves. The buyers will be wearing faceguards, masks, and gloves, and will be washing their hands between appointments. In order to adhere to social distancing requirements, only two customers will be served at a time, plus an additional two customers will be allowed to wait inside of the store. The buyers will work alongside the store to alert customers by phone or text when the buyer is ready for the client to enter the building.
If you’re a photographer looking to upgrade or just make some extra money, KEH Camera will be in Casper, WY for 3 DAYS ONLY on 8/25 - 8/27 to buy your used camera gear at Wyoming Camera Outfitters - Casper, WY!
Get Paid
Stop in for an instant quote and get paid on the spot for your clean, working, used photography equipment. Our buyer will be paying top dollar.
Trade Up Bonus
If you choose to trade instead, we will add an additional 10% bonus to the value of your gear, which you can then use toward a purchase at Wyoming Camera Outfitters - Casper, WY!
What To Bring
-A charged battery and charger (cameras without a battery and charger will receive a lower offer)
-Your photo ID (we can’t pay you without it!)
We buy cameras in clean, working condition due to the high cost of repairs. We will be happy to responsibly recycle any cameras or accessories that are not in good working order.
Items we’re not currently purchasing:
-Darkroom equipment
-Digital point-and-shoot cameras under 6-megapixels
-Cameras in these formats: APS, 110, 126, and Disc Film
-Video cameras that use film or tape formats
-Studio lighting that requires a powerpack or hot lights
If you have any questions, please email our Purchasing Support, Qiulin Misa, at