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Artistic Form as Function: A Hands-On Pottery Workshop with Amedeo Salamoni

  • map marker icon 321 W Midwest Ave, Casper, WY
  • Presented By: Art 321
  • Dates: July 7, 2021 - July 8, 2021
  • Recurrence: Recurring daily
  • Location: Art 321
  • Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


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Join us July 7th & 8th from 9 am to 5 pm for Artistic Form As Function: A Hands-On Workshop with Amedeo Salamoni!
Cost: $150/$200/$250
Workshop Description:
Amedeo Salamoni will demonstrate a variety of techniques focusing on form and function. Amedeo has been making pottery for over 35 years and is an accomplished ceramic artist and sculptor. Amedeo will use his extensive wheel throwing skills as well as introducing some hand-building techniques he uses to create his slab forms and sculptures. Amedeo uses his vessels as a canvas to explore texture and form, by carving, sanding, and manipulating the clay. This workshop will be hands on and Amedeo will offer demonstrations, critiques, and talk about wood-firing and why potters notoriously love playing with fire and why clay lovers keep buying their pots
Participants will experiment with the techniques shared in the workshop with Amedeo’s guidance.
Artist's Statement:
I make pottery because I love the process of its creation. I pay close attention during each part of the process in an effort to make vessels that are thoughtfully considered.
Recently I have been exploring hand-building techniques creating a series of slab-built plates that are a deviation from my usual wheel thrown vessels. They deal with form, space, volume, and texture. I have become very interested in landscapes recently and these slab-built plates are like blank canvas waiting for the artist to paint. Unlike the painter, I use the process of wood firing to create a chance element in my finished work, the nuances of the flame, the drips of ash, happy mistakes all this contributes to the surface variations that are achieved.
In the fall of 2006, I began experimenting with a local clay from Perryville, Maryland. I usually leave the clay in its unrefined state, leaving in all the impurities, rocks, and organic materials. The result is a dense stoneware body that is full of charter due to the impure nature of the unrefined clays. Since then, I have dug and used clays from various other sites across the country, from clay dug from the bay in Milbridge Maine, and most recently from Speedwell Forge lake in Lancaster county Pennsylvania.
Brief Bio:
Amedeo Salamoni is a ceramic artist and teacher who resides in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. He has over thirty-five years of experience in the field of Ceramics. His current work based out of his studio in Quarryville, Pennsylvania, is predominantly wood fired; using a wood fired kiln he built. As well as his own kiln, He has constructed and fired numerous other wood fired kilns in Pennsylvania. He has had experience as a production potter in rural Georgia, where he worked for a family of folk potters, and also working within Pennsylvania with salt glazed pottery. In addition to his extensive experience as an artist, He is a dedicated teacher with significant experience teaching at both the college and secondary levels. He has had his work published in several ceramics books and has been in numerous exhibitions. Amedeo published his book called Wood-fired Ceramics, 100 Contemporary Artists, Schiffer Publishing in 2013. Amedeo earned a Master of Fine Arts, Ceramics, from the University of Delaware in 1991, a Master of Art Education from Kean University in 1989, and a Bachelor of Art, Urban and Outdoor Recreation from Kean University in 1987. Amedeo currently teaches Ceramics and Sculpture and directs the Anderson and Walton Galleries at George School, a private Quaker (Society of Friends) boarding and day high school located on a rural campus near Newtown, Pennsylvania.
Learn more about Amedeo and see his work at:


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