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AcuYoga - Spring Cleaning & Detox (HEATED EDITION)

  • Dates: March 23, 2023
  • Location: Wyoming Yoga & Wellness
  • Time: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM


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Sweet Grass Acupuncture and wyOMing Yoga have joined forces to bring you a fusion of epic proportions!
AcuYoga Spring Cleaning & Detox (HEATED EDITION)
Begin with a HEATED 60 minute vinyasa flow yoga session designed to wring out those organs and start anew. After a series of twisting and folding, we will enter an acu-savasana, using points focused on activating and cleansing the liver and gallbladder. Spring is a great time to reset the gut and clean out our internal filters after a long winter of rich food. This treatment is great for the digestive system, opening tight muscles, stress reduction and jump-starting a new season. Class will take place in our heated room under the Infrared Radiant Heaters, specifically designed to help you heal and detoxify your body.
*In acupuncture, our life force energy is called Qi, in yoga it's referred to as prana. Though different disciplines, the two have many similarities and are an excellent complement to one another.
Both yoga and acupuncture are used to create a free flow of energy. Incorporating acupuncture into your yogic lifestyle is a way to further cultivate your well-being. When you are able to tap into your energy body through yoga and acupuncture, you'll experience positive changes in your life and remove stagnation. Acupuncture will complement the work you do on your mat to take your yoga practice to a deeper level.