It’s no secret that the scenic, western beauty of Casper’s mountains and waters create a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. With a lot of cool planning ideas about year-round adventures floating around, we thought we’d dedicate this blog to a handful of fall activities that are perfect for smaller groups—those that might go under the radar in your online search.

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See a Movie (The way you were meant to see it)
With the popularity of media streaming and kiosk movie rentals, doesn’t it seem like watching a movie has been consigned to an uneventful experience now? Treat your group to an indoor activity with some reserved time at one of Casper’s landmark theaters.

The Rialto was designed from the bones of a 1920’s Vaudeville theater and is one of Casper’s most historic theaters. The America Luxury Movie Palace and Studio City Mesa + ARQ feature plush reclining seats and colossal movie screens. Plan for a cozy, indoor experience on a crisp fall day.

Fremont Canyon

See Fremont Canyon in the Fall
Located a short distance from Downtown Casper is one of the most stunning waterways in the state. Red and burnt orange canyon walls make the perfect complement to the season, and with water as crisp as the weather, Fremont Canyon is a must-visit for your group.

Nearby Alcova Marina and Resort has pontoon boats available to rent, so for your small group looking to get out on the water, Fremont Canyon is ideal.

Lookout Point

Visit Lookout Point on Casper Mountain
One of the best times to take a scenic drive through a mountain town is during the autumn. Plan to see Lookout Point from Casper Mountain Road, where your group will get a spectacular view of the valley and range. Lookout Point also creates an incredible view at night, with the cityscape glowing in lights.

An old legend holds that the city was designed to resemble Wyoming’s bucking horse logo. Although Casper has long since outgrown the silhouette of earlier days, the nostalgia lives on and makes for a must-see experience.

Corn Maze

Encourage Team Building in a Corn Maze
Hear us out, and don’t think we’re corny (c’mon, we had to). Team building can be an a-maze-ing (we can’t stop) experience, especially when it involves a fun, autumn setting. This activity is great for smaller groups and those individuals who like to let the kid at heart come out to play.

Plan a quick, scenic drive to Casper’s corn maze. Through more than 10 acres of mazes, your group can get lost, problem solve and work together, all while taking advantage of the season.

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