You already know. Finding the right venue for your meeting or event takes time, so the sooner you plan, the better. Luckily for planners, Casper Events Center is a one-stop-shop of a venue. There’s even a local saying that if it’s happening in Casper, it’s probably happening at Casper Events Center. 

Check out the facility highlights and information below to sidestep some planning time. Even if you’re just looking and not quite booking, this can help you plan for what’s ahead. 


Health & Safety Precautionary Measures in Place

It’s a changed world. Pre-pandemic, the forethought over a venue’s sanitization probably didn’t occupy as much real estate in the minds of planners and attendees like it does now. (Remember ‘experiential’ being the buzzword of 2018/19?) Now, anyone attending an event wants to know, with certainty, that where they’re gathering is safe and sanitary. Casper Events Center’s cleaning procedures are thorough and comprehensive. Following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local authorities, the staff continues to rigorously disinfect high-touch surfaces (doorknobs, escalators, elevator buttons and bathrooms) and has amply stocked hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the facility.


Yellowstone Garage

A Convenient (and Unique!) Location

Located about 15 minutes from Casper/Natrona County International Airport, right off US-20 (or Interstate 25, depending on where you’re coming in), and surrounded by nearby hotels, Casper Events Center is legitimately convenient. Pair the venue’s sheer accessibility with its scenic location—overlooking the cityscape, Casper Mountain and the iconic Platte River—and you’ve got one solid venue locale. Historic downtown Casper is just a few miles down the way, where attendees can find museums, nightlife spots and local gems like the 101-year-old Western store, Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters, and a converted 1920s gas station turned restaurant and entertainment venue, Yellowstone Garage (pictured above).


Mountain Side Yoga

Natural Wonders, Steps from the Front Doors

The mountains, rivers, and lakes near Casper Events Center offer abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation including skiing, boating, hiking, camping, golfing, hunting and fishing. Just 20 minutes from the center, attendees are able to retreat to the base of Casper Mountain where they’ll find one of the city’s most beautiful natural wonders, Garden Creek Falls in Rotary Park. Easily accessible and known as the starting point for some of the area’s best hiking, this spot is one of the many outdoor adventures that are near the venue.


Casper Events Center Meeting

Space & Capacity

The 8,050-seat venue features a massive arena, primed for trade shows, expos, banquets and more—for when space (and peace of mind) is necessary. Other customizable spaces include one large meeting room (the Summit Room), where the staff can help you accommodate for physical distancing. There are also three other meeting rooms (the Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, and Bridger Trail Rooms) and a conference space for smaller groups.  


Accessibility for All

Attendees have different needs and you need a venue that’s inclusive and accommodating. Casper Events Center is fully compliant with all ADA guidelines, so everyone, especially those with special needs, can access the venue and its amenities. Elevators and seating for people with mobility concerns are available, along with wheelchair assistance. Also, listening receivers, headphones and other assistive devices are available from the First Aid station inside the venue.


Casper Events Center Rodeo

Wyoming’s Hub for Events

Along with countless conventions, expos, trade shows, special events and musical acts (like Sir Elton John and Foo Fighters to name a couple), the multipurpose arena also plays host to marquee sporting events, from races to rodeos—the annual College National Finals Rodeo being a mainstay for the venue.



The staff of Casper Events Center has worked together with event owners who have had to relocate from other facilities. 

Let us help you plan some more! Reach out to one of our friendly team members to guide you along.