March Madness

I woke up one morning and there was a waist-high snowman in my yard. None of the neighborhood kids claimed him. Weeks later, with the snow mostly gone, you could still discern a slightly human figure leaning in my yard. I thought seriously of sending him to take my place on various committees on…

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Wildlife in Wild Places

“Many people think a Ferrari is beautiful but it isn’t if you compare it to a horse.” –Jim Harrison “Horsing’s going to be tough,” said Chad Hanson as he climbed into my truck and we headed out on an icy morning in the middle of Wyoming’s winter. “The Green Mountain herd got scooped up last summer…

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The Cast: The Sweet Stuff

On a sticky, hot day in August 1999, I moved into a nondescript one-bedroom house in Casper, Wyoming. I had been hired to teach composition at the local community college. I didn’t rent a U-Haul to bring my belongings. Instead, I stacked my duck decoys, waders, boxes of books, and laundry baskets of…

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