As locals, we know that the 5150' is full of epic sights. From Fremont Canyon to Independence Rock, we always hold on closely to the jaw-dropping views that are recognized nationwide. However, we have an even deeper appreciation for the underrated places that never fail to take our breath away and bring us home. With summer quickly approaching, we wanted to gather our favorite, secret views to add to your seasonal bucket list. Because being a true local means finding beauty in the untouched and overlooked.

Here are 12 Underrated Views to Add to Your Summer Bucket List. Save them, plan your adventure and go wild:

Eadsville Overlook Casper Mountain

Photo: @amanda.scherlin

1. Eadsville Overlook

Yeah yeah... Split Rock is something... but have you ever stood in awe of the scenic overlook off Eadsville Trail on Casper Mountain?


A man and a woman smiling on a boat in Alcova Lake

Photo: @mikefostmeier

2. Alcova Lake from the Back of a Boat

Your hands deserve to be in the air for this one! There is no place we'd rather be than admiring Alcova Lake from the back of a boat on a hot, summer day. 


A man standing in front of Open plains in Casper Wyoming

Photo: @warner307

3. The Wide-Open Spaces of Central Wyoming

What is it about the wide-open spaces of Wyoming that slow us down and humble us? Our favorite time of year to soak in the high desert plains is springtime when the landscapes begin to bloom. What about you?


A crowd sitting outside at Beartrap Music Festival

4. A Happy Crowd at Beartrap Music Festival on Casper Mountain

If you know, you know. Lay down a blanket, crack a cold one and tap your toes to the music as the day passes by at Beartrap Music Festival every August at Beartrap Meadow on Casper Mountain


Backwards Distilling Co. tasting room

Photo: @wyodistillersguild

5. An Open Table at Backwards Distilling Company's Tasting Room

Did someone say happy hour? After a long day, we would do just about anything to stare at a freshly poured cocktail at Backwards Distilling Company across a table with friends. 


A dog sitting outside of the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

Photo: @mapletherescuepup

6. The Oil City from the Viewing Deck at the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

We triple dog dare you to head up to the Trails Center and check this view off your list this summer. You won't regret it. Not to mention, it's the NHTIC's 20th anniversary this year. Stop in and show them some love! 


Red Rock in Casper, WY

Photo: @chelseacombecreative

7. Red Rock Formations off the Highway Headed West

Name a Western view that is more iconic than this... we'll wait. May we add that we highly recommend passing by the red rock formations at sunset. Roll your window down, let your fingers guide you through the summer air and watch the colors bounce off the landscapes. Oh yeah... pack a camera, please! 


A box of donuts from Grant St. Grocery in Casper, WY

8. A Box of Grant St. Doughnuts on a Saturday Morning

Only a true local can appreciate this epic scene. Speaking of... is it Saturday yet?


David Street Station Casper, WY

Photo: David Street Station

9. David Street Station from the Overview Deck 

A view like this will easily bring us to tears. If you want to watch the love and energy of our beautiful community come to life, head to the Overview Deck at David Street Station - where Casper comes together. 


Floating the North Platte River in Casper, WY

Photo: @mrs11strong

10. Casper from the North Platte River

Drift, float or paddle... there is something so sweet about taking in an afternoon from the North Platte River


A woman standing in front of Muddy Mountain in Casper, WY

Photo: @sid.wil

11. Muddy Mountain

5150's hidden gem that we love to love. Shhh.. locals only! 


Stairway to heaven Casper, WY

12. The Scenic View of Casper from the Top of the Stairway to Heaven

Listen... if the last time you climbed the Stairway to Heaven in Downtown Casper (through the alley by the historic Rialto Theatre) was in high school then you have to give this look another chance. It's worth the workout, trust us on this one! 


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