Casper (which we dub the “friendly ghost town” every Halloween season) is the perfect place to explore spooky tours this Halloween season. In case you 5150’ locals didn’t know, there’s plenty of places to scare you if you’re in the mood.

As you begin to dive into the history of Casper, you may find more skeletons in the alleys and buildings of our great Oil City than intended. Beginning with the stories and struggles of ancestors that came before us to the historic buildings with local ghost dwellers, Casper has so many thrill-seeking places to visit this season.

Listen up locals, here’s some ideas for you ghost chasers out there:

1. Guided Tours at Fort Caspar
In case you didn’t know, Fort Caspar hosts tours during October called Ghost Investigations at the Fort. Get into the season on a tour, where you will venture through the reconstructed military post, dark halls and rickety floors as you learn about the paranormal activity in fort buildings. Fort Caspar has plenty of stories to tell and ghosts of the past to encounter.

2. Visit Crimson Dawn Park Museum
When the October sky appears with the fog lined on the peaks of Casper Mountain, it’s a sign that spooky season has arrived. As you drive up Casper Mountain to Crimson Dawn Park and Museum, you may feel the hair begin to stand up on the back of your neck as you start to enter the enchanted world of Neal Forsling. An artist, writer and storyteller, Neal’s creativity was firmly planted in mythology. She was fueled by western landscapes and combined those with her own imagination to create her work. For many locals, her most iconic story is called Crimson Dawn: The Story of the Casper Mountain Witches, and it combines seven witches and other spiritual characters. Ready to get spooky from the comfort of your couch? Order a copy of Neal’s book, Crimson Dawn: The Story of the Casper Mountain Witches.

3. The Rialto Soda Fountain
A mainstay in downtown Casper, the Rialto building dates back to 1928. While it’s been open for nearly 100 years, rumor has it that ghost activity continues in the building. Over the years, employees – and even the owner – of the Rialto Soda Fountain have noticed strange activity in this historic building….like objects moving on their own, cold drafts coming from nowhere and folks who swear that they see an old man smoking behind the bar. Want to learn more? Be sure to stop into the Rialto Soda Fountain and see what moves you.

And remember, as you adventure around Casper this Halloween season, be sure to tag us so we can come along for the ride. May the “spooky” odds be ever in your favor!