I have a little story for you, Casper. Recently, I went on a trip. You see, not everyone has realized that Casper is the best place around (yet) and we still have to have meetings in big cities. Now this coastal city that shall not be named is amazing. Beautiful. Great. The full package.

But dang it. It wasn’t Wyoming. It wasn’t Casper. I’m sure I know what you’re thinking: “Yeah, duh.”

But hear me out.

On my way there, I talked with a woman on the plane who was a local in the aforementioned city. She once traveled there on business and never looked back. It captured her heart. I was SO excited to explore a new place that would keep a little bit of my heart, too. And it did.

I wandered the busy streets and marveled at intricate, tall buildings and important, busy people rushing by, headphones in and heads down. City lights, stunning skylines, seas of intriguing people and endless choices of anything I could ever want or need, right at my fingertips.

By the end of the week, I was truly feeling bummed to leave.

And then, I got off the plane in Casper…

The crisp air hit my face and it was just like that feeling when you find something you didn’t know was missing. Like a weight being lifted from your shoulders you didn’t know was there.

I could freakin’ breathe.

It was that sense of a place that feels juuuust right.

Eadsville Overlook Casper Mountain

And in that moment I remembered why I’ll take these wide-open Wyoming spaces (wind and all) over the so-called glamorous city life.

I’ll take seeing the stars from my window every night over city lights.

I’ll take smiling and saying hi to strangers even on the busiest downtown street.

I’ll take my local barista remembering exactly how I like my coffee each morning.

I’ll take being 10 minutes from the middle of no where over a 90-minute commute one-way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bunkering down and never leaving again. That’s crazy talk. But I know I’ll always love coming home.

Casper is not like everywhere else, friends. But I’m guessing if you’re reading this you probably already know that. ❤️

Casper Skyline