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5150' Restaurant Week Deals You Should Know About

It's that time of year again. The Wyoming weather is bitter, the holiday decorations are tucked away and our 5th Annual 5150' Restaurant Week is vastly approaching. If you can't tell... we can hardly control our excitement! Get a taste of all things Casper during our 5th Annual 5150′ Restaurant… More

Meet Gabriel Cisneros | January Local of the Month

Local Insider, Gabriel Cisneros, was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming on June 4th, 1981, and was adopted by Kenneth Cisneros and Rachel Silva of Casper, WY where he was raised. He has always had a flare for the arts, hospitality and philanthropy. In college, Gabriel studied film with a major in art… More

20 Things We're Looking Forward to in 2022

The holiday has come and gone, and here we are just a few days away from 2022. Oh how time flies! This last year was filled with so many wonderful moments and memories. From the epic four feet of snow we received last spring to the lively community events surrounded by the people that make this… More

8 Ways to Not Be the Scrooge this Season

Listen locals - we love nothing more than having you all as neighbors, but we have to confess that some of you have resting Scrooge face... and it shows. You see, as magical as this time of year can be, let's face it... the holidays are not always merry and bright. With crunched calendars, tight… More

7 Reasons We're Thankful for the 5150' Community

They say that the days are long but the years go by fast. And, after this year in Casper, we couldn't agree more. It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. What's even crazier to think about is where we all were this time last year... Without rewinding to the past, we will… More

Meet Kristin Wilson | 5150' Small Business Owner of the Season

Allow us to introduce you to 5150' local, Kristin Wilson. Kristin is a woman of many hats. She is a wife, a mom, a dancer, an explorer, an entrepreneur and (our favorite) a Casper native. Over ten years ago, she opened her outdoor shop, Gear Up & Get Out There, downtown on 1st St., and her small… More

21 Instagram Photos Sure to Make You Thankful to Call the 5150' Home

Can you believe that it is already November? We can't seem to wrap our heads around it. It's almost as though we woke up with 3ft of snow in April, crash coursed through a lively summer, tipped our hats to the most beautiful fall season and finally opened our eyes to a winter full of opportunity in… More

Meet David Kerr | November Local of the Month

Meet David Kerr - our November Local of the Month. David is a 25 year old Casper Native who can almost always be found around town with a camera in hand. David works full time as a photo and video director for Kalen Marketing Solutions as well as a Crossfit L1 coach at Lifetime Health and Fitness… More

A Haunted Halloween in Casper

Raise your hand if you've ever told someone that you live in Casper, Wyoming, and they immediately throw down a bit on Casper the Friendly Ghost? Good one! Right? **Insert eye roll and well deserved sarcasm! All jokes aside, ol' Casper may not be a 5150' Local, but after sitting down with Lisa… More

7 Soups We're Obsessing Over This Fall

Fall has been so good to us this season. Wouldn't you agree? From tossing a football with the kids on a sunny, Sunday afternoon in the front yard to adventuring into the colorful wild, we can't help but feel as though autumn really showed up for us this year. And we would be lying if we said that we… More